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Shading Pencils

Blender pencil STAEDTLER® 5426 BL
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Brand: Staedtler
Blistercard containing 1 blender pencilNon-pigmented, wax based pencilPerfect for blending and softening edges of coloured pencil artworkWood from certified, sustainably managed forests..
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Blending Stumps STAEDTLER® 5426
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Brand: Staedtler
Blistercard containing 4 blending stumps, size: 1, 4, 6, 8For almost all smudgeable artist's materials such as charcoal, pencil, chalk and pastel crayonsCan be repointed with sandpaper..
₹373 ₹415
Ex Tax:₹373
Electric Eraser
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Brand: Brustro
1 x Electric Eraser2 x Eraser Holders10 x 2.3mm eraser refills12 x 5mm eraser refills..
₹359 ₹399
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