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Painting Knifes

Artists' Special Effects Knife Set of 5
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Brand: Brustro
Great assortment of 5 SPECIAL EFFECTS palette knives for Mixing, Spreading and Scumbling,Also excellent for thick painting techniques. Apply paints and pigments directly on the canvas.These high-quality knives have been crafted with the finest stainless steel blade that resists all wear and corrosio..
₹600 ₹666
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Hobby Knife Set of 13 Pcs
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Brand: Mont Marte
This Hobby Knife Set contains three handles (heavy duty, medium and standard use) and includes 13 interchangeable blades. This set is perfect for cutting a wide variety of materials including cardboard, fabric, leather and plastic.Mont Marte Hobby Knife Blades are constructed from SK5 steel to ensur..
₹630 ₹700
Ex Tax:₹630
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